Stay is 6 days minimum and can be extended on request.

1st day :

  • welcome from 14h

  • First visit of the Endocrinologist-Diabetologist doctor to assess your health and establish a plan of care.

  • Interview of the dietician to prepare a personalized food plan


2eme jour :

Clinic day for biological and radiological explorations in search Diabetic complications and cardiovascular risk assessment :

  • Biological assessment: taking blood and urine

  • Radiological Assessment: Rx, Ultrasound, Scanner, MRI ....

  • Cardiovascular assessment: ECG, Echo-heart, Doppler of the vessels of the neck and lower limbs, IPS, possibly coronarography ...

  • Ophthalmological assessment: fundus eye, possibly retinal angiography, OCT

  • Neurological assessment ... ...


Adaptation of the treatment at the end of the day according to the results of the assessment.

Les autres jours :

Customized program according to your needs and according to the proposals of the following stakeholders:

  • Sports educator: bike, walk, Gym ... .., Yoga ......

  • Physical Therapy,

  • Psychosocial coach / coach for people who are not familiar with their diabetes or who have other problems that prevent them from managing their illness properly.

  • Podiatrist and Pedicure.

  • Tourist guide offering à la carte programs.

  • SPA Program and Fitness Manager.


Every day will take place:

  • a visit from the endocrinologist-Diabetologist.

  • the passage of nurses.

  • a therapeutic education and information session on diabetes, its treatment and its complications.


At the end of Stay :

an assessment of your knowledge and achievements will be made and then given to you:

  • a medical report with the results of the entire assessment done.

  • a prescription of the new treatment to follow (in agreement with your doctor).

  • a sheet of personalized dietary advice.

  • leaflets on therapeutic education.