Le diabète

being a chronic and silent disease requiring a regular lifestyle with a balanced diet, appropriate treatment, monitoring metabolic balance and an annual check-up looking for possible complications,

Le diabétique

being often busy or simply negligent, does not give enough importance to his illness and lets evolve inapparent diabetic complications that can become serious, disabling and irreversible,

Our goal is to enable you to combine business with pleasure and review your overall health,


thanks to a computerized care plan and an personalized follow-up , provided by a competent and dedicated multidisciplinary team that stays at your disposal 24 hours a day and always in contact with your treating doctor .


While respecting the medical standards in the clinic, and the tourist standards in a hotel residence, we take care of:

1. adapt your treatment and balance your diabetes

2. provide you with a therapeutic education and learn everything you need to manage your illness properly

3. check-up and assess the overall condition of your illness health

4. offer you treatments for possible existing diabetic complications

Without hospitalization rather in a pleasant tourist setting